Winemaker installed in 2018 in Céret - Vallespir - Pyrénées-Orientales (66) - South of France - Northern Catalonia

Le Domaine

30 km southwest of Perpignan is the Domaine Éole.

It consists of 3.6 hectares of vines, mostly in the piedmont of Albères, sandy-stony soil, in conversion to organic farming. The cellar is in Céret (it also serves as a tasting and sales vault).

In 2007, I participated in the creation of an AMAP (Association for the maintenance of a peasant agriculture) with René, market gardener in Llupia and the association Energie Citoyenne. I discovered agriculture.

Epicurean by nature, I learned very early to appreciate good food, local products and as a teenager, I began to learn the pleasure of wine.

I love being outdoors, working with my hands and the vine is a great plant. I learned with enthusiasm to compliment, graft, regreffer, draw to revive old vines. It is also a form of safeguarding plant and agricultural heritage!

Before I started alone, I spent five years in the vineyard and wine, from polyvalent worker to cellar master; even going so far as to make some cuvées in my "hut at the bottom of the garden"! It is so out of passion that I settled winegrower in the Vallespir. Region that we chose with my companion for its beauty, its quality of life and its wine assets (soils, altitudes, weather).

I try to make wines as naturally as possible. In the vineyard, great surveillance, disbudding, de-stemming if necessary, herbal teas and minimum doses of sulfur and copper. The manual harvest guarantees me a healthy grape, sorted and not crushed. And so if everything goes well in the vineyard, everything goes well in the cellar: spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts without input. A little sulphite at the end of the second fermentation, 'malo-lactic'.

I rent the vineyards and the winery, and always look for vines in the Vallespir (66).

Les vignes

3.6 hectares (ha) of vines divided between several grape varieties:
  - Lledoner Pelut & Grenache Black of more than 40 years
  - Macabeu of more than 30 years
  - Carignan of more than 70 years
  - Mourvèdre of more than 20 years
  - Grenache Gris of more than 40 years (in renovation ...)

Soft cups and guyot-poussard sizes, graftings

Manual harvest, sorted on the spot and put in boxes!

Cultures being converted to organic farming
  <12 kg / ha / year of sulfur (against oidium)
(national organic average of 36 kg / ha / year)

  <2 kg / ha / year of copper (in the Bordeaux mixture against mildew)
(biodynamic <3kg / ha / year, AB <6kg / ha / year)

Nettle tea, comfrey, dandelion,  tansy, horsetail and chamomile!

All by hand, permanent natural weed ... holly, pruner, brush cutter, sprayed backpack!

the Cave

Resin and stainless steel tanks, drums, a pump, a cold group and its flags, and a Swiss mobile horizontal press with wooden cage of the sixties (it turns like a clock ...)!
Direct pressing for whites and rosé
Whole bunching
Foulage on the small rest
Inertages of the vats
and sweat ...

The fermentations are spontaneous (indigenous yeasts) and controlled in temperature.

The cold group is the main pole of electrical expenses ... in order to lighten my footprint and to take care of the social conditions of the workers, I opted for Enercoop, cooperative supplier of electricity 'green'!